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EOSmap is a community-led map of the EOSIO ecosystem.
Read our backgrounder to understand our mission.

EOS 1-year Anniversary dApp Ecosystem

EOS 1-year Anniversary dApp Ecosystem

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What is EOSmap.org?

EOSmap.org is a visualization of the EOSIO ecosystem built by a community of EOS enthusiasts. It is a community-led initiative to support the growth of the EOSIO ecosystem.

What is EOSmap mission?

The mission of EOSmap is to support the growth of the EOSIO ecosystem by offering trusted data and empowering tools for the blockchain and crypto enthusiasts to explore the complete EOSIO ecosystem in full transparency.

Why EOSmap.org?

The iconic infographic of the EOSIO ecosystem is a staple of the EOS ecosystem. But the steep growth of active participants in the ecosystem makes the infographic a non-viable solution - we have identified 450+ projects as of April 2019. A new solution is inevitable. Current dApp rating and review websites don’t represent the complete ecosystem and are prone to become biased due to their commercial nature and centralized organization. A community based, decentralized solution is needed.

Is EOSmap a dApp and a DAC?

Yes, we believe that EOSmap should be managed and maintained by a core community of contributors to achieve our mission. As a dApp, EOSmap can integrate token-based reward mechanisms to foster a vivid community of contributors. A Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAC) will tool the community to organize itself and define the project’s evolution in a decentralized way. Ultimately, a dApp + a DAC will promote transparency and unbiased independence.

What will we visualize on EOSmap?

EOSmap is meant to become the most complete inventory of everything built on EOSIO, as well as developer and marketing tools for EOSIO dApps. When we use the term “EOSIO”, we mean everything using the EOSIO software. It includes EOS testnets and mainnet, other public chains based on EOSIO like Worbli or Telos, and private side-chains based on EOSIO software. We believe there is value to explore the full cycle of development of dApps and tools, from ideation to launch status, as well as abandoned projects. The inventory will be based on the community-sourced information, and each dApp will be augmented with blockchain data, ie active users, top users, transactions volume, etc… with historic and current data. If you want to contribute to this community initiative, check out the section "Ways to contribute" below.

Ways to contribute

Help collect and update the information about the dApps of the EOSIO ecosystem.

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